Top Tips for Home Security

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How safe is your home? For most homeowners, a lock at their gate or front door is adequate security against intruders. However, this is not always the case. Below are a few home security tips from professional locksmiths.

Invest in High-Quality Locks

Low-quality locks are easy to pick using a wire or drill. Below are some tips to help you choose a quality lock: 

  1. The lock should be made from durable materials, such as steel or aluminium.
  2. Most locks have a grading system. Go for the highest grade.
  3. Avoid locks that can be opened using key blanks. Go for a model whose keys are hard to duplicate. Some keys have electronic chips and magnets to prevent duplication.
  4. Examine the lock's security features. For instance, some deadbolt locks have an expanding bolt, spin-collar or reinforced strike box that makes the lock resistant to external forces such as kicks and breakages using wrenches.

Work with a Reputable Locksmith

Your locksmith will have access to your keys, locks and security system during installation, repairs and maintenance. Your choice of locksmith should be someone you can trust. Preferably, conduct some background research to ascertain the locksmith's reputation and work ethic before you hire them. 

Integrate Your Home Security

CCTV and access control systems are standard features in modern homes. Integrating these systems will significantly improve your home's security. For instance, CCTV cameras at the gate could be used to identify visitors at the gate. You could also install advanced software such as physical security information management (PCIM) that integrate CCTV images with face recognition systems. 

Teach your family how to use the various security systems. For instance, kids may have problems opening locks and using restricted access systems. They are also likely to forget passwords to electronic locks. Therefore, consider a fingerprint detection system.  

Long Term Stays

How do you keep your home safe when you are away for an extended period? Below are a few tips:

  1. Leave spare keys with a trusted friend or neighbour.
  2. Consider automatic lights that switch themselves on at night. It will give the impression that you are around.
  3. Your home security system should have a back-up power source.
  4. Consider a security system with remote access features.
  5. Test your fire alarm to ensure it is functional.
  6. Do not leave motion sensors on if you have pets roaming on your property. 

Keep your home safe by investing in high-quality locks, integrating home security and working with a residential locksmith service.

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