Occasions When Engaging a Residential Locksmith Is a Good Idea

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A commercial locksmith will often install and repair door and window locks in commercial buildings. Also, they cut keys, open and repair all types of security safes. They have the right tools and expertise to rescue business owners when lock issues arise. Here are two main occasions when you can call a locksmith to your premises. 

Broken Key

After many years of use, your key is subject to wear and tear and can easily snap off inside a window, door or safe lock. You might incur heavy losses if you can't open up your business store when this happens. There are many reasons why keys break in locks, including:

  • A weaker key made from soft metals, such as nickel or brass
  • A jammed lock
  • A lock that isn't adequately lubricated

If a key breaks inside a lock before the door is shut, it will be impossible for you to lock it, leaving your business at risk of theft. If the key breaks when the door is already closed, it will be hard for you to re-open it. In other words, you need to call a reliable commercial locksmith as soon as possible to have the issue resolved.

If a portion of the broken key sticks out of the lock, you can try to extract it by pulling it out using your fingers. You can also try different tools, such as needle-nose pliers or a magnet. If no part sticks out of the lock, you shouldn't try removing the key yourself, as you may end up damaging the lock. If you're in such a situation, be sure to engage a professional.

When the Key Won't Go In

Imagine a situation where you drive to your store, get to the door, but the key won't fit. If you haven't changed your locks, this can be a worrying situation. Door, window and safe locks have precise and intricate components that only accept specific keys. Anything that interferes with these components can make the lock stop functioning properly. There are various reasons why a key won't go in the lock, including:

  • Debris and dirt build-up
  • A bent key
  • Mechanical problems
  • Stuck pin

The problem can be resolved by lubricating and cleaning the lock. But sometimes, the lubricant might not work if there's an obstruction that you can't see. On other occasions, the pins could be broken or worn out. Trying to resolve the problem on your own might further damage the key or lock. You'd need to contact a commercial locksmith to avoid such risks.

A fully functioning door lock is vital for protecting your business. If you notice any of these problems with your lock, you should try to resolve them straight away. However, some lock problems are complex, and you need to engage a skilled commercial locksmith. 

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