Locksmiths do more than just fix locks

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When you're locked out of your house, your key breaks in the lock or you need a duplicate key, you call a locksmith. These are the services that come to mind when we think of locksmiths, and they're certainly services that locksmiths provide. But your local locksmith also provides a complete set of security services to help keep your home or business safe. 

Access control systems

More and more businesses, as well as some homeowners, are moving toward using digital access control systems in addition to, or instead of, traditional locks. These computerised systems use numeric keypads, keycards or other devices to regulate who has access to your building. Electronic access control systems are easy to update quickly, allowing you to grant or remove access to whoever you want, even remotely. 

Security cameras and alarms

Locks are only one part of a building's overall security system; other features can include security cameras, automatic lights and alarms. These devices monitor a building's most important access points, helping to deter potential intruders. In the event of a break-in, security cameras can also help to identify the perpetrator. Your locksmith can provide you with advice on which types of security system are right for your needs. 


Security systems aren't only for the outside of your building. A properly-installed safe helps protect valuables and important documents in the event of a break-in or a fire. Safes come in a wide range of different sizes and features; your locksmith can help you understand the relevant specifications and choose the safe that's right for you. They may even be able to help you find a refurbished safe that will offer premium protection at a reduced cost. 

Automotive services

Modern electronic transponder keys have reduced the level of vehicle theft in Australia, but they've also made the process of key replacement slower and more costly. Most people go to car dealerships for their replacement or backup keys, not knowing that their locksmith can often provide an identical service at a lower price. Talk to your locksmith about whether they can repair or replace your vehicle's keys; they might be able to save you time and money. 

With all these services to offer, your locksmith is much more than just an expert on locks and keys. Today's locksmiths are security specialists who can provide with everything you need to improve not only your home's security but also your own peace of mind. Speak with a locksmith for more information. 

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