Reasons Why Your Business's Locks Need To Be Upgraded To Keypad Systems

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Every business owner with a brick-and-mortar business knows how critical securing their building is. Not only do you need locks to keep any cash on the property secure from theft, but the locks also function to protect your employees from harm and your building from vandalism. If you have traditional locking systems on-site, you should seriously deliberate on upgrading them for the new decade.

Technology such as keypad locking systems offer a higher degree of security, and this will drastically decrease the risk of property loss and theft on your commercial property. Here are just a couple of reasons why your business's locks need to be upgraded to keypad systems. 

Restrict access to disgruntled employees

If you have traditional locks that are accessed by keys, you probably have several employees with a copy of these keys. While this ensures that your staff can gain entry to the building when they need to, it can prove to be a massive drawback the moment you fire an employee. It is not uncommon to find disgruntled former staff breaking into the business, and if they have access to sensitive areas, you could end up with losing money or, worse yet, a data breach that can give your competition an upper hand.

When you hire a commercial locksmith to upgrade your locks to the keypad variety, you have complete control over who gets access to your codes. Thus, you get to deactivate the old code the former employee had by programming new codes into the keypad system.

Increased versatility for heightened security

With a traditional lock-and-key system, you cannot control who accesses your commercial property. As long as someone has a copy of the original key, they can make their way into your building whenever they want to. Keypad locking systems put an end to this unmitigated access. To begin with, with a keypad system, you have the option of programming the system to allow access at particular times of the day.

Therefore, even if your employees have the codes to gain try and exit the building during working hours, the codes will not work after hours. You get to rest assured that you are the only person who can override these programmed hours if you need to gain entry to your commercial property. Secondly, keypad locking systems accord you the flexibility to restrict access to various parts of the building. For example, while one code can open doors that lead to commonly used areas, additional codes will be needed for high-security rooms, such as your office.

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