What to Look for In Electronic Locks for Your Business Safe

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If you are a business owner or manager, keeping essential company documents safe from theft and fires will be among your top priorities. That's why it's crucial to invest in security safes. One of the highly overlooked yet significant factors to consider when choosing a business safe is the locking mechanism. Even with the right type of safe, thieves may still break in if you have the wrong lock. Conventional key locks, combination locks and electronic locks are the common locking mechanisms you'll find. However, electronic locks have become more popular because they offer better security, are changeable and easier to use and allow for remote control as well as monitoring. If you're in the market for a safe with electronic locking mechanisms, here are the features to look for.


Biometrics allow for easy and quick access to your safe. These electronic locks rely on retinal scans, fingerprint recognition or voice recognition to grant access to the safe. Unlike key locks and combination locks, for instance, you don't have to worry about losing keys or forgetting the combination to your lock. Also, with biometric locks, only authorised individuals in your office will have access to the safe. This highly reduces the possibility of the safe's security being compromised as a result of people sharing keys or combination codes. For extra safety and reliability (because biometrics sometimes fail), you can combine biometrics with an electronic keypad that will require a PIN code as well to grant access.

Time Alerts

This acts as a notification or reminder to close the safe when it is left open over a specified period. It is useful in cases where you or anyone with access to the safe accidentally leave it open perhaps because they are busy or in a hurry.

Multiple Access Codes

The ability to program various codes on your electronic safe is essential where different managers or people in your business need access to the safe. Each one of them can have their unique codes for more personalised use. This usually comes in handy when people with the code to your safe leave the company. In such cases, this will mean creating new codes for the remaining managers or people to memorise. Multiple access codes prevent such hassles because you can delete a code when whomever it was assigned to leaves the company.

Multiple access codes can also provide a two-step kind of access to your safe. That is, you can have the safe programmed so that two sets of codes are needed to grant access. Each set of code can then be given to different people within the business.

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