4 Types of Safes for the Home

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If your home contains any valuable possessions or important documents, it is a good idea to invest in a safe to keep them secure. Here are the four types of safes most commonly found in homes, along with information about the situations in which they are most useful.

1. Fire Safes

The most basic function of a safe is to keep important documents or valuables safe from fire. If you experience a house fire, a fire safe could save you a lot of money and dozens of hours of administrative work by keeping your essential documents safe. You can use this type of safe to store business papers, birth certificates, house deeds, wills, and other valuable papers, as well as any small valuable objects that you want to protect from fire.

Note that most fire safes are not guaranteed to be one hundred per cent fireproof. Check the rating to see the amount of time during which they can protect your documents from flames. The idea is that the safe provides protection for a long enough period of time for firefighters to tackle the blaze, not that it provides indefinite protection against fire.

2. Burglary Safes

In addition to protecting against fire, burglary safes are also designed to stand up to attempts to open them by people who do not hold the key. They are usually made of steel and very heavy, which makes them difficult to carry off. Subcategories of burglary safes include fire safes and wall safes, which can be attached to the floor or wall to make them even more difficult to steal.

3. Gun Safes

Responsible gun owners keep their guns in a secure location, well out of the reach of children, pets, or anyone without the right training to use them safely. Keeping your guns in a gun safe prevents accidents.

A standard gun safe doesn't necessarily have sophisticated locks or a high fireproof rating, as its primary purpose is not to protect against a determined burglar or a house fire. However, if you desire those features, you can choose a gun safe that offers them.

4. Jewellery Safe

A jewellery safe is a particular type of burglary safe. Designed to be objects of beauty in themselves, jewellery safes provide a secure place to store necklaces, rings, earrings, and other valuable items. Their interiors are typically cushioned with velvet and fitted with many small compartments for storing jewellery. Their exteriors are often ornate.

For more information, reach out to a local safe supplier.

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