A Guide For CCTV Security System Installations

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Many Australians are using CCTV systems to secure their offices and places of work. Closed-circuit television systems are effective in deterring thieves from breaking into your home or office. These systems also provide surveillance that can be used to keep an eye on employees and remotely monitor specific activities in your office or home. Here are some of the important considerations you need to make before your CCTV security system installation.

Camera Positioning

One of the most important elements of CCTV security system installation is choosing the right place to fix the camera and DVR for maximum camera coverage. The ideal spot should also minimise cable length, which reduces the in-line losses that lead to poor video quality. For indoor surveillance, you need to pick a corner in the room where the entry points are most visible. It's also crucial to install security cameras close to a power socket.

If you're installing the cameras outdoors, choose a high spot that covers the door, garages, and window approaches. You should choose a high spot so the camera cannot be easily knocked down. When installing outdoor cameras, it's also crucial to use cameras with a high field of view. This will enable you to capture footage from a wide area.

Cabling Requirements

While there are wireless CCTV systems, many security CCTV installations are wired. For wired systems, you need to pick strategic places where you'll run your wiring. You'll need to take measurements to determine the length of cable that will be required for the installation.

The other consideration you need to make is to choose the most appropriate type of cable. For analog systems, you'll require coaxial cables whereas for IP-based systems you'll require Ethernet or fibre optic cables. In most modern homes and offices, fibre optic cables are used because they support high data handling, speed, and distance.

Legal Considerations

There are legal implications of installing CCTV security systems. For example, installing a CCTV camera on private property should be done after you get consent from the occupiers of that property. If your home security cameras are overlooking the property of your neighbour's property, this can cause problems. Therefore, make sure you consult with the local council about the requirements for home security systems.

For businesses, CCTV surveillance must be in accordance with the Workplace Surveillance Act 2005. When installing CCTV in your workplace, employees need to be given a 14-day notice before you begin using the surveillance system. Furthermore, the cameras should be placed in plain sight. You should also place signs at the entrance of the building, indicating there's surveillance.

For help with a CCTV installation, contact a security company. 

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