All You Need to Know When in the Market for Your First Residential Safe

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If you have started keeping valuables at home, perhaps sensitive documents or family heirlooms, you are likely shopping for a safe that will give you peace of mind regarding the protection and safety of your items. While your local locksmith will be invaluable for recommending the various brands that will suit your budget, it is essential that you also know what to look for in a safe so that you do not base your decision on price alone. To provide you with some guidance, this piece outlines all you need to know when in the market for your first residential safe.

What are the different types of safes?

While there is a multitude of safes that you can consider all with varying specifications, they can be classified under two main categories — the fire-resistant variety and the burglar resistance options. Fire-resistant safes, as the name implies, keep your valuables safe during a fire. This type of safe is highly recommended if you live in an area that experiences bushfires on occasion, as you can store your passports, academic certifications and other treasured documents inside the safe and be assured that you can salvage them before they succumb to fire.

Burglar resistant safes, conversely, are designed to protect your items from theft but this does not mean that they will keep your documents safe from fire. Therefore, if you want maximum protection from your possessions, you should invest in a safe that offers you theft resistance, fire resistance and water resistance too.

Which rating will be best for your safe?

If you decided to invest in a fire-resistant safe, you will need to determine which rating will be the most ideal for your needs. The rating denotes the amount of time that the safe can be exposed to open flames without it succumbing to damage. Additionally, the rating will also outline the temperature that the safe can uphold within itself to keep your valuables from burning and the amount of time it will take before it starts overheating. The longer the safe can be exposed to fire without scorching your possessions and subsequently giving you sufficient time to rescue your items, the higher the cost.

What material should your safe be made of?

Generally, a majority of safes will have their doors and bodies manufactured from steel. What you need to look out for is the gauge. The gauge refers to the thickness of the steel, so the thicker the materials, the higher the resistance offered by the safe. Take note that steel comes in a variety of alloys, and this will also influence the metal's gauge. Your locksmith will help you determine the best steel gauge for your needs.

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